Sunshine by the Stem

Sunshine by the Stem

New blog site with more pictures--what flowers are available now!

by Cathy DeValk on 06/28/11

Please check out this link to my new blog site--which is much easier to publish up to date photos on what's blooming now.  I'll use this new site from now on.  Thanks!

New cultivars

by Cathy DeValk on 04/08/11

Green Trick Dianthus--So excited to grow this new plant this year.  It's been available from markets in Europe the past couple years, but is finally available to growers in the US this spring.  Doesn't it look like a tree or flower from a Dr. Seuss book?  It's very long lasting in the vase, and will just be fun to use this summer.

April Showers

by Cathy DeValk on 04/06/11

It's officially spring 2011, and time to look forward to whatever the growing season will bring us.  I'm going to start highlighting the flowers that will be growing at the flower farm this year.  Alphabetical is a good place to start, so first up is achillea, commonly known as yarrow.

 The arrangement at the top of the page contains achillea, lilies, gomphrena and snapdragons. The achillea is the light colored filler at the bottom of the arrangement.

I've grown achillea for a few years, in various hues of cream, pink, salmon and darker magenta.  A new variety I am trying this year is "Sunny Seduction" from Walters Gardens in Michigan. 



It is a beautiful soft yellow, and blooms continually through the summer, instead of blooming once in early summer.  I think the color will go nicely with both brights and pastels. Yarrow is considered a filler plant, not a focal flower, and provides for a nice backdrop so more "dramatic" flowers can really shine. Traditional yarrows tend to spread, but Sunny Seduction is advertised as non-spreading. Another plus--the deer don't care for it! Achillea is a workhorse in the sunny perennial garden.